What’s the Impact of Modafinil on One’s Food Intake?

Nootropics are undeniably helpful biohacking products with tested and proven benefits that are well acknowledged by all cognitive-enhancing enthusiasts worldwide. However, like everything else under the sun, the smart drug has its fair share of shortcomings – occasional side effects witnessed among few consumers. For instance, Modafinil intake is sometimes associated with mild contraindications like skin itchiness, oral dryness, and measurably accelerated heart palpitations.    

Besides the slight counteractions highlighted above, the nootropical brand has significant effects on one’s eating habits. For more in-depth details on the same subject, discussed hereunder are some science-backed points on the impact of Modafinil on one’s food intake.

Appetite-Diminishing Properties

To begin, Modafinil has appetite-diminishing properties and its intake is thus going to reduce one’s food cravings. In fact, there are thousands of nootropics adherents who take the pill for the twin health advantage of achieving enhanced intellect and sharper wits. Medics do however deter consumers from going the nootropical formula mere due to its weight-loss qualities, for this is not its primary purpose.  

Increased Water Intakes – ‘Fuller’ Belly

Similarly, Modafinil is a leading eugeroic substance (causes dehydration) and thus brings about a lot of thirst. As one keeps on taking extra glasses of water, their belly grows gradually ‘fuller’ – leading to less food intakes. All fans will acknowledge to have experienced such increased thirsts upon ingesting the powerful biohacking formulation.

Real scientific facts show that hunger pangs are simply physically detectable signals generated by the brain once the belly is empty and in need of filing up. Thus no hunger signs will be felt once the stomach’s yet water-stuffed. The brain will not initiate any food-requisition efforts(feelings of hunger) now that your belly will be feeling adequately full already.

This point sort of backs up the preceding one in that it offers one of the explanations how nootropics help reduce appetite

Added Energy Makes One Feel ‘Sufficiently Nourished’

The added physical and mental energy that enters spreads through one’s whole system after taking Modafinil often deceives them into feeling sufficiently nourished…while the truth’s that they still haven’t had a single bite. Experienced fans have nonetheless known how to strike a perfect balance between the smart pill’s advantageous cognitive effects and their body’s even more crucial need for a balanced diet. 

 As a result, this deceptive feelings of extra body energy and intellectual vivacity diverts your mind into other strength-consuming ventures till eating is pushed to the very peripheries of memory. It’s thus demonstrably clear that the smart tablet may lower one’s food consumption rather distinctly.   

Wise Tip: Eat Well before Taking the Nootropic

Finally, health experts advise nootropics fans to eat well before taking the pill as its use diminishes appetite. The smart tab’s intense aftereffects last anything between 9 to 15 hours, depending on one’s unique physiological considerations…during which active phase the prime chemical outcomes associated with the strong eugeroic remain patently manifest. 

Nevertheless, the drug’s appetite-decreasing effects will be at their lowest prior to ingesting the mind-boosting dose. It’s thus advisable to start by having adequate food before pill’s appetite-suppressing effects kicks in.

In conclusion, Modafinil does have significant influence on one’s eating habits. Besides the noteworthy effects briefly described under the four subheadings above, the smart dosage also lowers one’s eating frequencies…such that they not only eat less servings but also observe longer time spacing between consecutive food intakes. These two closely linked points explain why some people lose noticeable pounds after using the cognitive enhance for some time.

Again, Modafinil-caused mouth dryness makes the consumer naturally averse to fluid-deficient foods…and thus characteristically selective when it comes to feeding options. Their disinterest in relatively ‘dry’ foods ends up reducing the quantity of their servings in the end. Also, make sure that you read our article on the best Modafinil vendors so that you don’t end up using pills from unreliable vendors, leading to adverse effects on your food intake.

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