Top 5 Similarities Between Modafinil & the Fictitious NZT-48

According to “Limitless” – a chart-topping film steered by Bradley Cooper, there’s a limitlessly brain-empowering pill dubbed “NZT-48”.  While the 100% sober writer of this brief writeup isn’t really high on this purely imaginary smart drug, they at least do believe that there’s a true pharmaceutical that works in a manner remotely similar to Bradley’s purported bio-hacker. Modafinil – a currently world-famous nootropic with outstanding brain-enhancing qualities – is the rare tablet the 2011 Movie most probably talks about. Why this pill’s effects somehow distantly resememble Limitless’ unbelievable mind-boosting properties? Well, the rest of this piece lists and briefly describes some top 5 braod similarities between Modafinil and the fictitious NZT-48.

  1. Sharper Memory

In the trailblazing film,  aptly named “Limitless”, Bradley Cooper tells the outer world about  a supposedly all-powerful nootropic that he calls “NZT-48”. To support his somewhat claims that the new label is a genuinely empowering formula, the movie fronts a pathetic non-achiever who quickly becomes an overnight success . This miserable character is presented as a complete failure with a poor memory scope. However, he amazes all viewers with his miraculously sharpened ability to recall every little stuff after having an NZT-48 dose.

While the whole audience is eventually left innocently wondering if such a comparatively miracle-working formulation exists in our actual world, the truth is that Modafinil can give you a remarkably sharper memory. According to personal testimonies gathered from millions of fans worldwide, the smart pill confers unquestionably better memory retention capacity.

  1. Enhanced Concentration/Focus

Having been a failure who couldn’t take adequate time on a particularly gainful intellectual endeavor, Bradley Cooper tries a newfound brain hacker. In the great movie’s conclusive parts, after having the initial dose, Cooper is portrayed as a rather fully transformed opposite of his former self. He’s able to spend uncommonly long hours and days tackling a specific brains-requiring assignments until he successfully accomplished them. Although not as fictitiously effective, Modafinil is an unbeatably potent concentration booster that routine dosers swear by – if the countless firsthand testimonials self-posted all over the internet are anything to go by.

  1. Boosted Creativity

Bradley Cooper acts the role of a cumbersome thinker who can’t get their slothful brains to pull off anything great enough. However, upon taking a rare nootropical dosage , the guy ends up being an incomparable creative genius. He overcomes the insurmountable writer’s block and writes a best-selling title within an impossibly short time period. Clearly, NZT-48 has given him inordinate creative capabilities that no one could formerly guessed that a real human could even remotely possess. Going by thousands of online user reviews, Modafinil can indeed help one achieve otherwise unattainable creativity levels – although not as magically fast as NZT-48 appears to swiftly accomplish it.

  1. Reduced Mental Fatigue/ Extended Brain Alertness

Anyone who have keenly watched Limitless will wholly attest to the fact that the supposed beneficiary of NZT-48’s unique pharmaceutical capabilities first looks totally fatigued mentally. However, the initially lazy and intellectually sluggish fella becomes ever so interminably alert after dosing the magical drug NZT-48. As such, it’s undoubtedly clear that the first-time dose has lead to markedly reduced mental fatigue and lent the consumer such extraordinarily extended brain alertness as the world has never witnessed before. If you actually wish to have the thrilling feel of a fairly NZT-48-like pill that makes you more alert, though to relatively less degree, then Modafinil is the real deal.

  1. Improved Motivation Levels

According to the globally watched movie, Bradley Cooper starts using an allegedly all-powerful smart tab which opens a world of limitless opportunities to him. After taking the miracle dose, he becomes more motivated and a victorious winner in all that he does. Modafinil also does trigger generally similar emotional positivity increases in regular consumers of the brain-strengthening formulation. All the same, it’s worth noting that the real pill’s motivation-increasing results aren’t really close to NZT-48’S unrealistic effects.

Summarily, both Modafinil and Bradley Cooper’s imaginary NZT-48 cause the user to have an extraordinarily sharper memory and unnaturally enhanced concentration/focus. In addition, the two seem to boost the consumer’s creativity in a strikingly similar manner, although the latter appears to be exaggeratedly more effective in this respect. Moreover, taking each of these two pills evidently leads to reduced mental fatigue or amazingly extended brain alertness. Finally, Modafinil-induced increases in motivation levels among devoted users remotely rivals those asscoiated with NZT-48 in Bradley Cooper’s stirring movie. If you are looking to buy Modafinil online, check out our review of the 5 best online Modafinil vendors.

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