Top 5 Reasons Why Taking Excessive Modafinil Isn’t Wise

Nootropics are widely viewed as a novel biohacking trick for millions of smart drug enthusiasts worldwide. Particularly, Modafinil happens to be the most extensively used nootropical formulation across the globe. Therefore, users should only consume this cognitive-boosting brand in strict adherence to the standard quantities as prescribed by the manufacturers.

However, many people out there mistakenly think that increasing one’s intake directly increases the pill’s alertness-promoting effects. This is not true because having exaggeratedly huge doses will definitely trigger a series of utterly undesirable aftereffects. As such, this article lists and briefly describes some top 5 reasons why taking excessive Modafinil isn’t wise.

1. Extreme Anxiety

To begin, we strongly advise Modafinil fans to do some basic online research to fully understand how the nootropic works before using it. For instance, authoritative clinical studies unanimously agree that the smart tab indeed boosts the consumer’s brain activity. This means that a mentally lethargic person is bound to grow markedly intellectually active after ingesting the tablet. Given the clear revelation that the drugs amplifies a somewhat lazy and fatigued mind’s vitality, it’s undeniably predictable that any excess will cause an gradual outburst of anxiety-like symptoms in the user.

Now that the popular cognitive enhancer is universally taken for added intellectual productivity, the consumers totally miss the mark because an extremely overanxious cannot pull off any intellectually demanding professional or academic tasks that require full concentration.

2. Intolerable Aggressiveness and Irritability

Secondly, you’re set to experience intolerable aggressiveness or unexplained after having more than the recommended Modafinil dosage quantities. An easily irritable person will not really enjoying the exact cognitive-improving results they sought when taking the smart pill. As such, they will undergo many troubles interacting with other people around them.

Such people are likely to end achieving none of the goals they initially had in mind prior to the excess intake. Since you really don’t wish to get madly aggressive or utterly irritable at the price of a Modafinil package, it’s only prudent to stick to moderate doses. Always bear in mind that the nootropic’s intellectual benefits majorly depend on one’s current tolerance levels. They are not necessarily on the their dosage quantities.

3. Uncontrollable Nervousness and Disorientation

People who take more than the recommended Modafinil dosage may quickly register uncontrollable feelings of inexplicable nervousness or maniacal disorientation. While moderate doses can offer a favorable increase in mental activity, surplus tabs will only amplify this desirable brain energy to nearly disastrous levels. There’s little that can be done when these signs become evidently manifest after an accidental over-ingestion. The affected individuals should see a qualified doctor for expeditious expert interventions as soon as possible.

4. Poor Tolerance Levels

Furthermore, ingesting excessive Modafinil quantities will negatively affect your initial tolerance limits. After the very first overestimated dosage, you’ll be forced to consume higher-than-usual amounts in order to feel high enough. Besides the financial imprudence in this dosing mistake, the victim may soon start losing the cognitive-boosting effects the smart used to occasion. The only solution to such a problem lies in observing a rather prolonged washout duration. This will help reset the recently developed poor response to the smart drug’s mind-enhancing properties.

5. Insomnia

Lastly, taking excessive Modafinil quantities isn’t good as such extra pills are known to cause severe cases of insomnia. In fact, having excess tablets means that the victim of the disastrous overdose will suffer persistent lack of sleep.  It’s known that even the standard dosage triggers lengthy periods of endless sleeplessness that lasts about 12 hours. So, deliberately doubled intake amounts will push this wakefulness duration to more than 20 hours.

Modafinil overdoses can cause more dangers than those listed above although they won’t be lethal. Nonetheless, a few victims of such dosing blunders often suffer extreme  anxiety and intolerably increased aggressiveness and irritability. Again, people who have taken more than the recommended intake limits of this smart pill may grow increasingly nervous or become completely disoriented a couple of hours after the costly mishap.

Besides the foregoing dangers, the tab’s overdose immediately upsets the heedless consumer’s former tolerance levels – forcing them to take extra grams ever afterwards to feel high enough. Finally, having too much of the remarkably potent wakefulness promoter leads to incurably persistent cases of insomnia.

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