Top 3 Personalities Who Take Modafinil

Modafinil has now become the world’s most trusted mind-enhancing pill, according to many exclusive media revelations. Although the drug has several generic forms, its telling cognitive-boosting aspects remain essentially unaltered. Among the smart drug’s key after-use outcomes include increased mental energy, accelerated emotional and psychological motivation, and markedly reduced brain/body fatigue. Owing to the magical tab’s outstanding effects, it has now become a top-choice dose for busy corporate executives. In fact, even keen college finalists tackling demanding disciplines across various faculties swear by it. For any unbelieving folks out there who doubt the fact that the newfound nootropical formulation is indeed the latest real deal among internationally celebrated achievers, below is a verified list of Top 3 famous people who take Modafinil.

1. Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey seems to be the greatest fan of Modafinil on the web. The biochaker is the proud inventor of the globally top-rated Bulletproof Coffee. He is without doubt, one of the most widely admired movers and shakers in the current corporate world. According to personal confessions via a few media interviews, the pioneering business icon has been taking Modafinil for well over 8 years now. The tough-talking Asprey has so far written dozens of revealingly candid articles on Modafinil and other brain boosters. In short, the trailblazing investor supports the increasingly growing notion that these cognition-enhancing brands can truly set aflame a visionary investment enthusiast’s dreams and visions. In doing so, it effectively converts them into real success within an impossibly short time.

Dave Asprey’s individual testimonies indicate that the revered corporate genius’s successful sale of a $600-million startup was as a direct result of daily Modafinil upshots. Particularly, he says that the smart pill sharpened his initially unremarkable focus and concentration incredibly fast. Courtesy of the brain-energizing tablet, the matchlessly streetwise entrepreneur has managed to author a vast volume of nutrition-based works, besides founding the Silicon Valley Health Institute where he serves as the present chairman. Asprey told some media interviewers that the wonder dose helps tap deeper into his inner potential and that he would not have achieved his extensively celebrated status as a foremost investor without it.

2. Tim Ferriss

Any keen online-working enthusiast must have at least heard of Tim Ferriss – creator of the famous 4-Hour Work Week. The web-based moneymaking champion claims to have found Modafinil extremely helpful for his internet activities. In fact, the inspiring online work guru accepts that he uses the smart drug to pull hectic all-nighters. In fact, he is among some of the most notable achievers who used the said dose to successfully overcome the pace-slowing writer’s block. However, Ferries did clarify that he does not use Modafinil on a daily basis as earlier grapevine allegations had previously intimated. All the same, whether regularly or occasionally as he personally confessed, the web business icon seems to have earned much of his fame and cash using Modafinil’s profound brain-strengthening benefits.

3. Barry Bonds

Finally, we have all heard that Modafinil’s energizing characteristics can help top athletes improve their sporting stamina and ultimate performance. Barry Bonds – a legendary baseball star – is said to have used the popular performance-improving tablet to better his game. According to convincing reports, the timeless winner attributes his unbeatable playing skills to routine Modafinil doses. In fact, some credible documents excerpted from Bond’s trials found out that the celebrated baseball player was not only a frequent consumer of this brain-enhancing pill but also took HGH and other similarly mind-invigorating steroids during his home run king days. As expected, Bonds refuted such tainting allegations. However, many of his devoted fans still suspect that it is Modafinil that heightened his unerring focus in the batter’s box.

In conclusion, it has now become an indisputable truth that Modafinil is the world’s leading nootropic that many celebrated top achievers rely on for extra brain energy and boosted focus. While Barry Bonds and Tim Ferries may have issued somehow ambiguous statements about their involvement with Modafinil, Dave Asprey remains the most candid user of the smart drug. He has been dosing – and he admits this with unblinking frankness. Besides these big three, other noteworthy global figures such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are also said to be frequent users of Modafinil – although such rumors are yet to fully confirmed.

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