Top 3 Helpful Dieting Tips for Regular Modafinil Users

As the modern world continues to be ever so increasingly competitive day after day, smart people resort to innumerable self-improvement tactics. One of such self-betterment tricks involves the use bio-hacking substances for enhanced intellectual capabilities. As such, nootropics are currently viewed as the world’s leading bio-hackers that help otherwise middling folks become more mentally energized and extendedly alert. This is the very reason Modafinil, a globally acclaimed mind booster, is presently the most widely used smart drug (nootropic/bio-hacker) that far outdoes any other similar formulation with specific regard to cognitive enhancement properties.

Well, while this outstandingly effective smart pill can easily make every doser more intellectually productive and active, there are a few ideas that boost its already commendable efficacy. One of these effectiveness-increasing suggestions is eating the right food types that go well with the tablet’s unique action mechanism. Subsequently, highlighted in the rest of this short writeup are some top 3 helpful dieting tips for regular Modafinil users.

  1. Eat Foods That Contain Chicken (Poultry) Meat(s)/Eggs

You have almost certainly heard the popular saying that one is but a cumulative product of what they eat. Particularly, eating a lot of chicken (poultry) meat(s) and/or eggs has countless benefits to everyone. Some of the top benefits of such foods include enhanced immunity against stress/depression, minerals like magnesium and potassium, rare vitamins such as vitamin C and K, low-fat proteins, and a quick body energy replenishment. Even more specifically, this type of white meat is considered to be immensely healthful for regular Modafinil users as the above nutrients boost the action-mechanism effectiveness of brain enhancers like Modafinil.

Although the dieting options guarantee wholesome wellness improvement for all eaters, poultry-rich servings are essentially helpful to routine nootropic consumers due to their high choline content. Choline deficiencies are dangerously detrimental as they often lead to poor synaptic plasticity, diminished intelligence, and generally dwindled brain health. Each of these brain-related symptoms above seems to directly undo all the fundamental advantages achieved after taking the smart pill: improved memory, increased concentration/focus, better learning and easier logical reasoning, and emotional/mental motivation.

As such, having frequent chicken/poultry bites supplies the user with enough choline which in turn bolsters the Modafinil’s most desired effects listed in the foregoing lines. Additionally, consuming adequate choline appears to cure the headaches/migraines that some dosers may suffer after taking the smart pill. In fact, veteran Modafinil consumers advise new ones to take the brain enhancer together with choline-rich supplements in order to avert these oft-reported head throbs.

  1. Drink a Lot of Water

The universal statement that water is life itself is an indeed truly factual wisdom. Every bit of the daily foods we consume require adequate amounts of body water for them to be effectively digested and absorbed into the blood system for eventual nourishment. As such, even the choline-rich foods suggested in the first tip above cannot be of any Modafinil-boosting impact unless we take plenty of this life-giving liquid. Subsequently, faithful drinkers of copious water tend to enjoy greater Modafinil aftereffects than comparatively more dehydrated ones.

Besides the undisputed truth that proper hydration does ease choline absorption – every drug (this smart tablet included) cannot be fully metabolized or carried into its pharmacologically unique anatomical pathways without adequate levels water in the user’s body. In fact, most people who report poor outcomes are often thought to have taken the brain-strengthening while somehow dehydrated.

What’s even more tellingly striking, routine Modafinil dosers say there’s a somewhat close connection between the quantity of water taken and the mild headaches/migraines reported by a couple of the pill’s regular users. Curiously, it is widely confirmed among millions of the tab’s consistent consumers that having plentiful sips of water minimizes these unsettling head pains. Therefore, drinking a lot of water when high on the pill seems to present three solid advantages: boost the drug’s absorbability/effectiveness, enhance choline absorption (for the very benefits described under the preceding subheading), and independently reduce one’s odds of developing contraindicative headaches.

  1. Have Some Coffee Sips As a Catalyzing Accompaniment

Finally, Modafinil consumers who do not attain all the desired Modafinil results can improve the smart dose’s outcomes by having a couple of coffee sips as a potency-boosting catalyst. Most of the routine dosers who have previously sampled this stacking option admit to have registered positive results. While a few individuals allegedly claim to have experienced slight anxiety increase or a discomfiting chest tightness, a relatively larger number say the combination works just fine. According to many of supporters of this dieting tip, coffee appears to markedly prolong the drug’s cognitive-enhancing effects for about 3 hours or even more.

In addition to the benefits highlighted hereabove, caffeine can help reset the user’s tolerance levels, especially for people who have been dosing nonstop over long time periods. This apparently works well if you take the caffeinated sips about 2 hours before taking the tab. However, there are no standard rules – different people should simply stick go by any positively tried consumption schedules that seem to guarantee maximum results, based on practical personal tests. Regardless, these joint dose should help increase the pill’s main mind-strengthening and wakefulness-boosting effects in the average user out there.

Summarized, the 3 dieting tips discussed in this article can actually help you enjoy more palpable Modafinil outcomes if carefully adhered to. To begin with, eating chicken-/poultry-rich meals gives one adequate choline that accelerates effectiveness while combating possible Modafinil-caused headaches/migraines. Secondly, taking plenty of water when high on the smart drug bolsters both absorption and prevent head throbs. Lastly, coffee works well as an especially great Modafinil accompaniment as it adds potency and improves tolerance levels. Also, don’t forget that whatever changes you make to your diet, everything will be in vain if you do not procure your Modafinil from the best vendors.

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