Side Effects of Modafinil

The possibility to kick up one’s cognition abilities is exciting to us all. For this reason, it is no surprise that use of smart drugs is steadily gaining popularity. However, not all smart drugs are appealing to users because of the associated side effects. People want to experience the full potential of their brains but without jeopardizing their health or general wellbeing. This is why of all nootropics in the market; Modafinil has managed to attract a large number of users throughout the world. Modafinil promises to make you ‘smarter’ with minimal side effects that can be easily tolerated by most people. Like every other drug, it is expected and normal to experience mild effects, and Modafinil is no exception to this. Good thing is that most people can easily tolerate most of Modafinil’s side effects. Usually those side effects will pass away even without any intervention.

Can You Overdose On Modafinil?

A big challenge with most nootropics is that they are bought online without prescription, which creates risk of an overdose. Users often rely on general guidelines and there is no professional opinion on what dosage is right for an individual. Good new nonetheless is that Modafinil has a relative low to no risk of overdosing. A clinical trial administered subject with up to 4000mg of Modafinil and surprisingly there were no serious effects. Despite the dose being up to 20 times more the recommended average dose, the participants only experienced confusion, irritability, diarrhoea and sleep disturbances. Since its release into the market, no death has been recorded because of Modafinil overdose alone. However, there would be no need to take that much Modafinil as there is no evidence taking more than the recommended dose offers any additional cognitive benefits.

Is Modafinil Addictive?

Modafinil lacks the stimulatory chemical effect that messes up dopamine levels in the brain, thus making it less likely to be addictive. It does not contain amphetamine and it works by releasing CNS histamines in the brain, creating targeted stimulation to certain neurotransmitters. This means that it does not interfere with any of the brain’s function in any unnatural manner. It also has no withdrawal effects even for users that have been using it for several weeks. The only withdrawal effect so far observed is the return to normal cognitive function after discontinuing use. There is almost zero chance that you will come across a Modafinil addict. And according to David Weinshenker, PhD, associate professor of human genetics at Emory University, Atlanta, Modafinil lacks the feeling of euphoria and being high which tend to make people dependant on a drug. This is unlike stimulating substances like caffeine and nicotine.


Going by the research done up to date, Modafinil is safe to use as a nootropic, with an exception to few people with certain health conditions such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Nonetheless, caution should still be exercise when using it. Make sure you buy Modafinil from a trusted vendor and do not use it alongside other drugs, especially when the outcome of the interaction is uncertain. Additionally, maintain a healthy diet and stay properly hydrated when using it.

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