Is It Safe to Purchase Modafinil Using Your Credit Card?

Most of us often wonder if there’s a miraculous brain-booster that can somehow keep them intellectually productive during those occasional downtimes when they feel mainly uninspired and rather too psychologically demoralized or fatigued to do anything. Well, the answer is – there is! Modafinil, an increasingly popular smart drug with daily swelling millions of thankful fans from across the map, is the miracle tablet you need for extra productivity. While the incomparably effective pharmaceutical pack may require some pre-buying medical authorizations for people buying at local brick-and-mortar outlets, most web-based vendors hardly ask for such formal prescriptions.

Thus, nearly all regular takers of the magical dose acquire it over the internet. Again, an overwhelming majority of these online shoppers remit their payments via their credit cards – a fairly criticized transaction method that a big number of the nootropic’s consumers describe as quite risky. As a result, this brief piece delves into this rather pertinent question of whether it’s indeed safe to buy Modafinil using your credit card.

Reduced Secrecy/Confidentiality

To begin with, using a credit card to procure Modafinil over the web might make the otherwise privy habit less confidential. Although very few of your closest pals can inadvertently come across copies of your card statements out sheer accident, the rather conservative method appears way less secretive than more clandestine techniques like Bitcoin.

However, it’s still the easiest and perhaps the most hassle-free choice for thousands of consumers since not many internet smart tablets merchants will accept Paypal-to-Paypal disbursements or even newer mediums like peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments. Paypal-based transfers seem clearly less secure on the part of web nootropics traders themselves as they’re more likely to lose out to a disgruntled customer in the event of technical disputes.

Identity Theft

Again, most Modafinil-selling websites are chiefly targeted by internet fraudsters – credit card transactions are thus a high-risk payment option. Internet scammers often frequent mass-traffic platforms partly because odds of encountering thousands of inexperienced punters who aren’t tech-savvy enough remain particularly decent.

Since the naïve consumers are adamantly willing to acquire their desired dosages no matter how intricate the first-time procedures or ordering technicalities may be, sly frauds straightaway know that it’s incredibly easy to quickly trick some trusty fella or other within minutes. If it’s deemed generally risky shopping using your plastic money remittances out there, then just how inexcusably foolhardy is it to hazard this a red-flag move on potentially scam-laden website like a Modafinil merchant’s?

Extra Fees

In addition to the above considerations, credit card-powered Modafinil payments may attract slightly larger transfer levies than other common alternatives like Bitcoin or Paypal. These fees might sometimes come in the form of prohibitively huge interest rates – such as those customarily imposed on end-month borrowers by several payday loan sharks in many advanced parts of the world.

What’s even more intolerably punitive, all these added levies may be charged even without the owners immediate knowledge as it’s obviously impractical for one to keep in mind every small plus or minus on their plastic money cards. You might in fact grab the wrong card and then unknowingly proceed to inflict a lamentable deficit upon the innocent positive score you’d just broken hefty sweat to fix.

Bigger Likelihood of Overspending

In a similar vein, it’s temptingly easier to end up spending more than you had planned to use on the smart pill. The danger of overspending as you procure smart tabs is a real concern for fans buying through credit cards. Since people normally acquire the exact amount of cryptocurrencies to make a purchase, overspending can be easily mitigated.

To wind up, all isn’t utter gloom and doom for plastic money supporters who may lack other viable alternatives. While the somehow discouraging points highlighted in the preceding subheadings generally dissuade people from carrying card-based transfers, the same payment method attracts greater purchase protection safeguards. The advantageous aspect in focus is that, in the event of transaction-oriented disagreements, it’s nearly impossible for the Modafinil vendor to shortchange the buyer.

Another outstanding benefit of going for credit cards as a means of remitting your payments is that it’s immensely convenient. Thus, you’re advised to thoroughly weigh a few pros and cons before opting to purchase Modafinil on the web using your credit card. Also, if you are using your credit card as payment, always make sure that you are shopping from reputable vendors.

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