What Are the Penalties for Illegal Possession and Sale of Modafinil?

Modafinil use and sale remains rather tightly controlled in many parts of the world. For instance, the famous pill is classified as a Schedule II drug in Canada and as a Schedule IV substance under the United State's regulatory authorities. Although these tough statutory limitations may prove quite tricky to overcome, this doesn't necessarily [...]

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Any Serious Risks Associated with Taking Slightly Expired Modafinil Pills?

All human drugs ought to be kept safely and dumped as soon as they surpass their sell-by dates. However, there are some misinformed folks who think that this standard rule doesn’t apply to nootropics like Modafinil. Their reasoning is chiefly reinforced by the fact that the smart pill can’t cause serious problems as it’s [...]

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Is Modafinil Safe for People Undergoing Treatments for Mental Problems?

Modafinil is a top-rated nootropic that now far outsells almost every other smart drug in the modern pharmaceutical market. While the cognitive enhancer indeed outranks nearly all other well-known bio-hacking substances, it may not be good for people taking any other types of medications that may react negatively to it. For instance, the pill [...]

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How To Check If My Supplier Sold Me Authentic Modafinil?

As all accurate consumer-based surveys readily confirm, Modafinil is no doubt the ultimate real deal for nearly all longstanding nootropics fans around the globe. Nevertheless, there are still a few fraudulent online drugs vendors whose thievish behaviors have considerably soiled this magical pill's snow-white reputation. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying [...]

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How Modafinil Can Help People Who Travel a Lot

Modafinil ranks among the most effectual nootropics in the modern bio-hacking market. The global mind-enhancing tablet is not only one of the best wakefulness-promoting agents worldwide but also an outstanding cure for a couple of conventionally tricky sleep-related health issues. Some of the fairly stubborn medical complications this universally popular smart drug treats include [...]

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Is It Prudent to Use Different Modafinil Brands Interchangeably?

Modafinil is an evidently powerful nootropical substance that has been gaining steady worldwide popularity since its inception in 1974. Although Provigil is the original version of this unquestionably potent brain-boosting formula, other less expensive generic forms are also available in the current smart drugs market. Some of the hot-cake nootropic's top off-label brands include [...]

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Is It Safe to Purchase Modafinil Using Your Credit Card?

Most of us often wonder if there's a miraculous brain-booster that can somehow keep them intellectually productive during those occasional downtimes when they feel mainly uninspired and rather too psychologically demoralized or fatigued to do anything. Well, the answer is - there is! Modafinil, an increasingly popular smart drug with daily swelling millions of [...]

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How to Keep Your Modafinil Use a Personal Secret

Modafinil is a truly wonderful cognitive-boosting pill that works better than any other well-known nootropical brand on the market. Besides being incomparably effective and relatively affordable, the smart drug happens to quite easy to acquire as well. Furthermore, the brain energizer occurs in tens of painstakingly proven generic forms. These can be procured over [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Taking Excessive Modafinil Isn’t Wise

Nootropics are widely viewed as a novel biohacking trick for millions of smart drug enthusiasts worldwide. Particularly, Modafinil happens to be the most extensively used nootropical formulation across the globe. Therefore, users should only consume this cognitive-boosting brand in strict adherence to the standard quantities as prescribed by the manufacturers. However, many people out [...]

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What Substances and Drugs to Avoid When Taking Modafinil

Wakefulness-promoting drugs, also called Eugeroics, are sometimes used for cognitive enhancement purposes. Nootropics (mind-boosting substances) have also established exemplary popularity among hard-pressed professionals across all career niches. These cognitive boosters have as well become an all-time favorite to hardworking college students. Of all these nootropics, Modafinil is the most extensively embraced tablet. It achieves [...]

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