Could Modafinil Worsen Insomnia?

First formulated in 1974 by LaFon Laboratories, a leading French pharmaceutical company, Modafinil’s brain-boosting characteristics have continually endeared it to millions of daily users across the world. The exceedingly popular nootropic is especially liked more than most other mind enhancers for its superior ability to stimulate greater mental focus, better memory, boosted creativity, enhanced wakefulness, brighter moods(plus increased motivation), and notably reduced body fatigue.

Even so, the universally favorite pill might reportedly exacerbate cases of insomnia in some users. A jargon term used by health specialists, insomnia simply refers to a medical disorder whose victims undergo an abnormal inability to fall asleep. In milder situations, the patient’s major problem may be their utter failure to get adequate sleep – severally waking up way before the naturally healthy or medically recommended sleeping hours.

Because Modafinil interferes with the user’s capability to fall asleep naturally, it’s reasonably thought to be able to worsen an insomniac’s preexisting sleeplessness. After all, this easily explains why the smart label has become a standard cure for narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness. Nevertheless, many fans don’t report having experienced this medically unhealthy lack of sleep after taking the cognitive-enhancing drug.

So, why could a comparatively small number of consumers suffer intensified sleeplessness, while a markedly bigger percentage feels pretty okay? Based on solid scientific facts, discussed are below a few reasons the condition of people with sleeping issues may grow worse after ingesting this trendy nootropical pill.

1. Blatant Overdosing

It’s not recommended to take Modafinil in excessive amounts beyond the standard dosage. Thus, you should keenly consider the quantities you ingest per intake just to make sure that you don’t interfere with your natural capacity to fall asleep/get sufficient sleep. While the recommended dose measurements vary from one user to another, beginners must not go for anything beyond 100mg.

In fact, first-time consumers are conventionally advised to start with the least amount on the shelves – 50mg. They may then opt to systematically throw in a few extra measures as their systems slowly adapt to the tab’s powerful revitalizing effects.

2. Preexisting Sleep Issues

Again, people who have preexisting troubles falling asleep or getting sound sleep should keep off Modafinil. Although one might wish to enjoy other advantages other than increased wakefulness, it still isn’t prudent enough to do so if they already happen to suffer some sleep-based health complications. Obviously, you really don’t want to do yourself incalculably bigger harm chasing other comparatively lesser advantages the smart might give you.

3. Unhealthy Drug Combinations

Likewise, it’s advisable to carefully consider the pharmacological characteristics of any other drugs you take together with Modafinil. For example, health experts and the pill’s manufacturers advise consumers not to take the nootropic alongside other non-recommended pharmaceutical products.

Particularly, stimulating substances that have analogous action mechanisms are an obvious no-touch. Such closely related trademarks include well-known alternatives to Modafinil like Adrafinil and Piracetam. Additionally, even generally harmless stacking combinations honest meant to improve the dose’s fundamental benefits ought to be always thoroughly considered before hazarding any trials.

4. Overly Frequent Use

Moreover, individuals who have been taking Modafinil on a regular basis for a considerably long time ought to give their systems a much-needed break – what experts technically call ‘washout periods’. Apart from experiencing a noteworthy decline in the dosage’s overall cognitive benefits, extended daily use will negatively disrupt your normal sleep-wakefulness cycles.

Rather than continue taking the smart tab to the detriment of your health, and perhaps without enjoying its maximum effects, undergoing occasional washouts seems to be a far more prudent decision. Skipping intake for some days or even weeks will not only increase your system’s responsiveness to the drug’s desired properties but also prevent possible sleep-linked problems.

In short, having a standard Modafinil can hardly lead to insomnia without there being a couple of other triggers. Consequently, people who experience abnormally increased lack of sleep after taking the nootropic are likely to have either had excessively large doses or used the smart pill overly frequently. Besides, parallel intakes of other chemically similar or counteractively detrimental pharmaceuticals might be the primary reason for worsened sleeplessness in other instances. And, well, it’s wise to avoid this really potent wakefulness-promoting nootropic in case you’re already a victim of insomnia or any other sleeplessness-linked health problems. Otherwise, just go for a qualified doctor’s prescriptive assessment before trying the powerful brain strengthener – it’s the only surest way to stay completely out of potential troubles.

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