Modafinil in the Military

Modafinil’s unambiguously ascertained alertness-increasing effects have become a globally acknowledged scientific truth. This great smart formulation morphed from a little-known pill to a first-rate cognitive-enhancing product whose extensive use by individual consumers long been certified as a verifiable fact across nearly all the continents.

Presently, various military battalions seem unwilling to let this wakefulness-boosting chance bypass them. Continue reading to find out how this energizing tablet has finally sneaked into different elite regimen camps and on-ground troop encampments worldwide.

First, lead scientists have long been engaged in a decades-long tests to see if nootropics could be used to power the combative missions of uniformed fighters. The primary impetus behind this groundbreaking research was that strategically stationed forces required the much-needed stamina to remain awake far beyond the humanly possible endurance limits.

Besides the mass employment of chemical artillery and such other master-precision weaponry, war specialists unmasked the truth that effective nootropics such as Modafinil gave defense platoons the extra mental strength needed to pull off accurate attack maneuvers on enemy combatants.

Having singled out the unprecedented merits of Modafinil in enhancing vigilance and endurance levels, scores of military agencies okayed its use by vital defensive men in battlefields. Among the incredibly increasing count of nations now using Modafinil for greater military output, the United States proudly leads the pack.

As a result of the nature-defeating successes registered on major war fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq about a decade ago, the US defense department has reported widespread Modafinil usage quite exponentially. Currently, nearly all the key sections of the country’s army have started taking this smart drug for a holistic increase in general internal and external surveillance.

Other rare Modafinil military feats registered on various locations internationally comprise: several man-to-man tussles on notable overseas fighting arenas, espionage and counter-terrorism, among other strategic military areas that need unceasing human presence.

Notably, war craft pilots have come out as foremost candidates for the brain-enhancer’s pioneering trial. Going by authoritative sources in the most guarded defense enclaves, hundreds of seasoned fighter plane captains have already shown motivating outcomes, all courtesy of Modafinil’s stamina-multiplying capabilities.

The publicly proclaimed studies have experimented with practical Modafinil military results in Black Hawk helicopter pilots, F-117 fighter aviators, French paratrooping battalions, thousands of Canadian reservists, and many other war department personnel who fundamentally operate in hitherto inclement conditions.

Further, Modafinil-linked super-energizing capabilities have in the past simulated A-6 Intruder bombing assaults, AWACS plane missions, and a couple of French Navy foreign water and ground patrols.

In almost each of these novel trials, Modafinil has unbelievably boosted the capacity to active without sleep for many days of ceaseless firing and counter-firing.

Key sources indicate that the United States has been administering Modafinil to Air Force troops since the 2003 Iraq incursion. An estimated 12 years ago, the British Ministry of Defense launched 24,000 tablets to their lead elite fighters.

Around 2007, France was regularly availing the all-curing motivator to it to evidently fatigued helicopter aviators, who depicted sudden re-activation and revitalization.

So, as you may have already concluded, of all the realistic solutions to improve the cognitive abilities and effectiveness of battalions, Modafinil will hold its coveted position for many decades ahead.

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