Modafinil Dosage Recommendations – Top 5 Expert Tips

Modafinil has become one of the most popular nootropics across the world. However, it isn’t easy for one to establish the right dosage that meets their personal cognitive enhancing needs. While the average consumer may rely on trial and error, health professionals have come up with a few tips and guidelines to help various users know the most suitable amounts to consume. However, this self-informed approach might not be a fully reliable way of determining a specific user’s ideal dose.

1. Start with Small Quantities

To begin with, individuals using Modafinil for the purposes of improving cognitive performance are strong advised to begin with the lowest quantities and then do some few adjustments so as to find out the exact amounts that work for them. All the same, this doesn’t suggest that one should rapidly graduate to larger amounts day by day. As your personal tolerance extents slowly move up with continued dosing, you’ll eventually discover that indeed need a little more grams to feel high enough.

2. Work on Your Individual Tolerance Levels

One of the leading reasons why the average consumer finds their dosage quantities slightly rising day after day is the fact that tolerance levels change rather gradually with continual use. Once you begin with the least amounts available, shun the understandable urge to unnecessarily switch to larger doses. This blunder is bound to alter your initial tolerance levels and thus force you to have significantly more of this substance without necessarily upping the previous “highness” levels. Another way to deal with tolerance is to use washout periods.

3. Understand Substances That Lower/Increase Modafinil’s Effects

Similarly, you are supposed to steer clear from certain substances or factors that are known to lower Modafinil’s mind-boosting capabilities. Some beverages such as coffee are excellent combinations that markedly compound the tablet’s aggregate results. However, other tempting stacks like alcohol aren’t good since the brown sip may make you underestimate the true effects of both drugs. Most experts advise regular consumers to opt for caffeinated drinks as a wholly safe way of amplifying the pill’s cognitive-enhancing outcomes. Check this article to find out how to boost the effects of Modafinil.

4. Undergo Routine Washout Periods

Additionally, remember to observe compulsory washout periods in order to routinely regulate your Modafinil Dosage. According to seasoned nootropics specialists, a washout period is simply an occasional time duration within which the user does not dose. This recommended break is meant to reconfigure one’s physiological reactions to the smart pill. A typical washout period may range from 7 days to one month. Nevertheless, you could even abstain from the pill for as little as a day or two and then keep lengthening this duration from time to time. You can find a whole article on Washout Periods here.

5. Beware of Maximum Daily Limits

For a fresh starter, it is prudent to begin with 100mg – or just halved pill. If the individual does not really feel any telling results, they may opt for an entire pill – 200mg. In few scenarios where the outcomes defy this directive, the users can try up two pills at a go. Nonetheless, it’s wise to remain safely within the maximum daily limit – that’s 400mg. Despite the foregoing precautionary guidelines, a few clinical observations have concluded that even 1800mg of Modafinil per day is not really harmful.

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