What to Do When Your Modafinil Consignment Is Retained by the Customs

Modafinil remains a rather stringently regulated product in most highly civilized regions worldwide.  However, the smart drug isn’t that controlled in many other less strict places such as Asia and in Caribbean countries. In localities where the nootropic’s sale and use are subject to limiting regulations, buyers and sellers risk finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Subsequently, it’s extremely important to know what to do in case your handling the often-proscribed substance lands into legal hurdles.  Therefore, below are some useful ideas to help you when your Modafinil consignment is retained by the authorities.

Know the Regulations You’ve Already Breached

Firstly, it’s very important that you start the self-defense process by knowing the regulations you’ve already breached. Knowing whatever crimes, or exact misdeeds you’re allegedly guilty of helps you swiftly determine the best counter-move.

For example, if the offences levelled against you require a monetary fine, you’re supposed to understand this in time in order to look for enough cash for this very purpose. In the event of a likely jail term, knowing this fact early enough will give you adequate time allowance to get an experienced attorney who can try their best to lessen the severity of such penalties.

Consult a Legal Expert

Second, you’re advised to involve a legal expert. Confiscated imports may attract pretty serious statutory consequences in most advanced nations. A competent lawyer has all the possible tricks for getting you off the hook when charged with unlawful nootropics dealings. Falsely thinking that you’re capable of handling the crisis alone is an ignorant step. Predictably, your obvious unfamiliarity with legal technicalities risks plunging you into extra prosecutorial traps that a good attorney could have easily you to avoid.

Don’t Resist Any Arrest Attempts

Although there’s one in a million chance of this happening, you shouldn’t try resisting police arrests, if it ultimately comes to that. Remember the fact that otherwise innocent criminal suspects may add new offences to their charge sheets through ill-thought-out reactions. Thus, you’re to remain calm and avoid issuing additionally incriminating statements that may deepen your troubles.

Being handcuffed and still staying collected will maintain your crimes as they are – and odds are high you’ll be free quite soon. On the other hand, issuing uncalled-for comments or throwing hands about to threaten law enforcers will add more charges to your name – and you’ll actually stay in problems for a longer period of time.

Inform Close Friends/Relatives – Don’t Fear Shame!

Most people feel ashamed to tell their close friends or relatives that they’ve been arrested for seemingly unpopular reasons such as prohibited drugs dealings. Nonetheless, one of the main advantages of informing loved ones once your Modafinil parcel has been impounded is that they’ll readily help you pay any subsequent fines. Feeling unnecessarily ashamed could make it harder for you to raise the needed fiscal penalties in time. Similarly, other trusted people will assist you with vital ideas and tips on how to go about the whole issue.

Forfeit the Whole Consignment

This final tip applies to individuals whose specifically small-value Modafinil packages are retained by the local customs officials. If there’s no way native authorities can trace you, you’ve no business foolishly availing yourself for definite trouble. You should simply forget the entire parcel and maybe place a fresh order using more secretive ordering procedures from sellers who use more stealth packing methods.

Summarily, it’s truly unfortunate to have one’s Modafinil consignment retained by the indigenous customs offices. This explains why buyers are advised to learn all the importation guidelines in order to take care of any potential delivery-related disappointments beforehand. Nevertheless, the unexpected sometimes happens…In which case you’re to inform your closest associates immediately your treasured cargo is impounded. An arrest may soon follow, remember…

As we’re always counselled, don’t say anything to arrest enforcers that could be later used against you in courts. Also, don’t resist arrest; and forfeit the problematic package altogether if customs officials have no way of tracking your identity. In short, use your natural brains well, always be clearheaded and very creative as you figure out what to do. What about when stuff become even worse? Just get a smart lawyer instead of embracing risky responses that might see you fly from the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

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