Modafinil and a Raw Diet – Do They Work Well Together?

Modafinil started small but has now successfully morphed to become one of the modern world’s most extensively loved nootropical brands. There are numerous reasons as to why this top-rated eugeroic trademark continues to attract tripling millions of new fans from across the globe. Some of the most prominent explanations for its undiminished popularity include its unmistakable brain-enhancing capabilities plus relative affordability.

While the smart drug remains a really potent pharmaceutical blend even when taken on its own, it sometimes works much better if combined with certain nootropics-friendly accompaniments (such as Modafinil stacks). One of these excellent combos is raw diet. For in-depth tips on how the two work together, below is a well-detailed discussion on Modafinil and raw diet – do they work well together?

Extra Nourishment – Greater Cognitive Enhancement

Thorough lab tests have shown the truth that subjecting foods to extreme heat during the cooking process destroys some very vital nutritional components. That’s why nutrition scientists encourage us to take uncooked dietary components in circumstances where there are no health dangers to be avoided. Nevertheless, there’s a rather emphatic caveat against eating raw animal products – unless thorough medical analyses have been painstakingly undertaken to rule out possible transfer of pathogenic elements.

Now that Modafinil seems to work more effectively in better-nourished bodies than in starved ones, it follows that combining the smart pill with a raw diet provides greater cognitive enhancement. Yet, needless to say, you need to tread carefully along this controversial path as they’re grave health ramifications at play here.

Low-Temperature-Cooked Foods + Modafinil: A More Recommended Alternative

The term raw food can refer to either totally uncooked food or foods prepared under lower-than-ordinary temperatures. As such, any sworn raw food adherents who would want to combine their preferred diet with their favorite nootropical brand are strongly encouraged to go for the former. It is a great step toward minimizing the understandable health dangers often associated with eating completely uncooked dietary ingredients.

Cooking these foods under minimal heat not only eradicates probable pathogenic elements but also increases their palatability…making them tastier – common vegetable species, say. Specifically tasteless stuff like pork and beef and mutton (before cooking) will also prove obviously hard to eat unless first subjected to minimal heat.

Thus, raw diet adherents who would wish to combine them with the said nootropical formula need to consider embracing this minimum-heating food preparation methodology. 

Raw Eggs – More Choline: Profounder Cognitive Boosts

Particularly, raw eggs are known to contain far greater quantities of choline than fried or boiled ones. For starters, Choline is a well-documented brain-healthy dietary component that exists in certain protein-laden foods like beef, poultry, and eggs. Eggs have verifiably greater quantities of this rare nutritional jewel compared to beef and chicken meat.

The healthful nutritional ingredient has been found to be profoundly helpful for maintaining healthy synaptic elasticity in the human cerebral anatomy…a highly needed cognition boost in people who use heavy nootropical formulas such as Modafinil. Restoration to healthy synaptic elasticity ranges is a more critical wellness need among aged nootropics users than in their younger counterparts, solid medical inquiries/facts amply show.

Whereas it is potentially hazardous to eat uncooked beef or poultry, raw eggs are not associated with many health risks unless the source had pre-diagnosed health issues. Un-boiled or unfried eggs are therefore a tiptop raw diet option that swiftly amplifies Modafinil’s mind-strengthening capabilities.

Closing Points

In short, Modafinil and a raw diet do function quite alright…provided all the conventional food safety and universal nutritional recommendations are meticulously adhered to. Uncooked diets even enhance the nootropic’s ordinarily strong brain-bolstering qualities, all contrary health-linked factors held constant.

Nevertheless, there undeniable dangers that are conventionally linked to the consumption of raw foods. For instance, World Health Organization (WHO) warns that such foods may not contain adequate nutrients like Vitamins D and B12. The globally well-respected regulatory body also argues that food poisoning is reportedly higher among individuals who eat exclusively raw diets.

Elsewhere, irrefutable findings arrived at after rigorous health surveys consistently prove the fact that consuming uncooked foods can occasion abnormally low body weight. In fact, top nutritionists have established that there exists an undeniable correlationship between consumption of entirely unprocessed foods and low bone mass. One last thing to keep in mind is that if you plan to combine Modafinil with a raw dies, make sure that you are using quality pills from quality vendors.

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