How to Keep Your Modafinil Use a Personal Secret

Modafinil is a truly wonderful cognitive-boosting pill that works better than any other well-known nootropical brand on the market. Besides being incomparably effective and relatively affordable, the smart drug happens to quite easy to acquire as well. Furthermore, the brain energizer occurs in tens of painstakingly proven generic forms. These can be procured over the web without needing any formal prescriptive documents.

Nevertheless, there are many nootropics fans who don’t want the general public to know that they use this bio-hacking substance. This is quite okay since the society around us often treats such otherwise harmless private indulgences with too much unmerited suspicion. As such, highlighted below are a few tips on how to keep your Modafinil use a personal secret.

1. Careful Storage

First, all the people around you are bound to discover that you use Modafinil if you recklessly store your pills in easily accessible places within everyone’s common reach. If you would like to hide the private truth that you’re into this nootropic, then don’t keep the conspicuous tablets where curious eyes can obviously see them. Even if you stay alone, it’s still prudent to put the confidential packs in secretive areas. Make sure that they are a safe distance away from your casual visitors’ wandering glances. You may even decide to temporarily move the cognitive-improving tabs to more hidden locations whenever you expect invited guests in your residential quarters.

2. Early Morning Doses

Secondly, secretive Modafinil users who wouldn’t wish to publicize the private habit may opt to take the smart tablet very early in the morning before other people wake up. This tip is a doubly advantageous precautionary idea because even experienced nootropics experts agree that the brain-invigorating dosage works best when ingested before sunrise. Subsequently, those who have the smart pill shortly after daybreak will not only manage to ward off possible unwarranted suspicions but also get the most out of the magical dose. However, consumers are strongly encouraged to eat lots of Choline-rich foods. This is to enable the pill to take full effect within a fairly shorter duration.

3. Stealth Packages

Again, Modafinil fans seeking keep their regular nootropics consumption fully confidential or totally secretive should buy their packs from online vendors who do stealthy packaging and sneaky parcel labelling. Such stealth consignments are safe as they hardly reveal the inner contents while the secretively written external labels are so decidedly obscure that only the end recipient can figure out what the privy dispatches contain. Some of the most top-rated Modafinil dealers that are internationally recognized for these stealthy deliveries include AfinilExpress, DuckDose, and ModafinilStar. See the full review here.

4. Reduced Interactions

In addition the foregoing precautionary guidelines, everyone who intends to hide the fact that they take Modafinil is advised to minimize their interactions while under the smart drug’s somehow detectable aftereffects. For example, your college mates may grow suspicious when they see you studying all night without looking sleepy or even slightly fatigued, yet they had been with you throughout the day’s mainstream activities.

Since a few of these close colleagues are likely to have used or heard about the cognitive-improving tab before, odds are decent they’re bound to raise some well-supported questions as to the exact reasons behind this obviously telling display of unnatural mental stamina. In a similar vein, you’re supposed to always steer clear of ingesting the mind-enhancing dosages in public or in the company of other people. This is simply because any naturally inquisitive colleagues will straightaway arrive at the unambiguous conclusion that you’re a nootropics consumer if they previously saw you take some unspecified pills previously.

5. Masked Online Identity

Lastly, you must avoid revealing your identity on any popularly visited web-based platforms. For instance, you should refrain from posting Modafinil-related stuff on mass-traffic consumer-sharing forums such as Reddit. Although you might falsely think that not many people know you on these frequently toured online places, chances are extremely high that there are a couple of familiar guys who single your name out of the clutter. Word will the start going round that you’re into the fairly new nootropical brand, and you’ll eventually discover that nearly everyone in your daily social circles knows everything about it.

In a nut-shell, you have to carefully store your tabs in hard-to-reach places so as to avoid disclosing the fact that you use Modafinil. Similarly, you may opt to consume the nootropic very early in the morning before other people wake up as a surefire trick for keeping your bio-hacking habit a well-guarded secret. Another equally helpful tip for hiding this private indulgence from the general public is to choose internet vendors who sell stealthily packed and clandestinely labelled doses.

Likewise, secretive Modafinil users ought to minimize interactions with those around them while they’re under the influence of the mind-strengthening drug. Finally, you need to mask your online identity as you post any tellingly revealing reviews or peer-to-peer remarks concerning Modafinil on widely visited consumer-sharing platforms like Quora and Reddit.

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