Is Armodafinil Stronger Than Modafinil?

Armodafinil and Modafinil, although correlated substances, have a few subtle variations. While some of these differences are chemically explainable, others are somehow subjective dissimilarities that vary from one user to another. For instance, verified lab tests evidently show that Armodafinil is slightly stronger than Modafinil – a host of striking similarities notwithstanding. It’s also somewhat important to note that the undeniably confounding pair may remain totally indistinguishable to an inexperienced starter. So, let’s really see how to answer the question “Is Armodafinil Stronger Than Modafinil?”

It Depends

The above statement is in fact the reason why most experts advise users to use smaller doses of Armodafinil. However, some people have reportedly found Armodafinil less effective. This is a tell-tale indication that the real outcomes of each of these confusing brands may ultimately hinge on a specific individual’s unique physiology. Particularly, a sizable percentage confesses to have felt something akin to the wakefulness associated with coffee after an Armodafinil dose. However, the same users purportedly registered a significantly “lighter” mental (plus emotional) upshot upon taking Modafinil.


Based on the actual chemistry behind each of the two generic trademarks, it’s noteworthy to note that Modafinil features both s-modafinil (50%) and r-modafinil (50%). As such, one essential observation deduced from the foregoing statement is that Modafinil already contains 50% Armodafinil. This is especially the reason the two versions frequently portray correlated mental and emotional results. Nut-shelled, anyone who has previously sampled Modafinil has indeed tasted Armodafinil since the former contains remarkable percentages of the latter.

Clinical Trials

Further, several practical trials abundantly depict Armodafinil as a longer-lasting brand. It’s important to note that the recorded duration of effectiveness differences hardly goes beyond a few hours. Again, the fundamental truth that the actual cognitive enhancement extents elicited by either of these nootropics varies from one person to another.

Despite this somehow unchallenged assertion, some other fairly reliable clinical trials portray the two trademarks as having nearly identical effect on a typical human brain. Perhaps as a tellingly obvious pointer that Armodafinil is actually more refined (stronger) than Modafinil, the former retails at a clearly higher price. According to some informed sources, the more refined brand requires slightly less dose – 150mg vs 200mg. Nevertheless, you must not overlook the official verdict that there’s strictly no scientific verification to truly prove that Armodafinil is genuinely more effective than Modafinil at their manufacturer-indicated doses.

Modafinil is More Trusted Than Armodafinil

In a similar vein, you have to acknowledge the unchangeable fact that Modafinil is a notably older brand. It received FDA approval in 1998. You quite can’t liken to Armodafinil – a much newer version that only met FDA’s nod in 2007. As such, the above close comparisons shouldn’t override the truth that Modafinil is a greatly endorsed brand that has enjoyed an expanding user trust for nearly two decades.

If anything, the slightly cheaper tablet has endeared itself to reportedly more clients than the other generic version. In fact, thousands of devoted users consistently praise Modafinil and often complain about Armodafinil’s many undesirable aftereffects. As such, the ultimate to the question “is Armodafinil stronger than Modafinil” will basically depend more on one’s personal experiences as opposed to the diverse opinions of other users or particular scientific revelations.

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