Does Modafinil Improve Visual Memory

Although the general populace remained largely uninformed initially, most people now know what nootropics are. As a result, much has been said about these brain-hacking substances – both provable truths and unscientific fallacies…Modafinil being the subject of many of these often indistinguishably mixed facts and lies. 

One of the absolutely unquestionable benefits of this tablet is that it boosts learning. It achieves this incredible milestone by enhancing sundry cognitive capabilities necessary for greater absorption, analyses, and retention of intellectual concepts.

However, there’re a few unanswered queries as to whether the eugeroic drug can perfection one’s eyes function and their image retention capacity. Herebelow are some points to answer this very question: does Modafinil improve visual memory?

Heightened Attention to Detail

One of the most well-documented positive effects of Modafinil is that it confers a markedly heightened attention to detail. In fact, East African scientists working in tandem with their counterparts have argued that Modafinil and Khat (locally dubbed Miraa) exhibit an uncanny chemical semblance.

Besides all their numerous aftereffect-based similarities, both chemical substances tend to enable one to see things with unmitigated visual clarity. A person high on Khat is bound to see more in an ordinary that a sober eye can’t decipher…and Modafinil shares this very interesting attribute.

This explains why takers of both or either of the substances might substances suffer overly intense nightmares – with the objects in their dreams and hallucinations looking ever so disturbingly graphic/distinct.

Verdict:  Modafinil actually improves visual memory, if taken according to the stipulated expert prescriptions. 

Correlation between Mental Memory & Visual Memory

Again, there’s an inextricable correlation between mental memory and visual memory. It’s thus impossible for Modafinil to boost one’s mental memory without simultaneously enhancing their visual memory. I hope you remember the old adage that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

As such, the brain can only recollect whatever the eye fed it with in the past. And since the mind stores up images in the exact form they are given to it by the eyes, a better sight equates a better brain memory. And so what does this imply?

The simple implication herein is that if Modafinil helps one remember things with a clinically improve sense of vividness, then it is the eyes that take all the credit. The mind has no way of absorbing images around it without making use of the two orbs to conduit it to its indestructible archives for easy recall should posterity require it.

Practical Evidence/ Past Clinical Studies

Practical evidence provided by individuals who have been taking the nootropic for extended time periods shows that it indeed bolsters visual memory. Past clinical studies portray it as a vision-enhancing substance that makes the consumer’s eye dwell remarkably longer on a particular object.

What’s even more conclusive, Modafinil increases the vividness of a sighted item/object – and hence makes it easier for the ‘seer’ to recall it to a peculiarly finer degree of graphical accuracy.

Modafinil Eliminates Haziness/Sleepiness

It’s utterly impossible to clearly remember something one saw while feeling sleepy. You’ll only be able to remember the object of your sight as hazily as you saw it then. In a similar vein, the recalled picture should be as blurred as it first appeared when first obscurely espied.

Modafinil thus boosts visual memory as it eliminates haziness/sleepiness – enabling one to see things in a picture-perfect style…and to remember them to an equally vivid extent of optical clarity.

After all, we all can attest to have been previously able to recollect stuff seen in our best element or broad-daylight wakefulness…and not to have been capable of clearly calling to mind anything eyed only vaguely in our dizzy slumbering moments.

In summary, it is true that Modafinil enhances visual memory. This is nevertheless not to rule out that the smart pill may not have the same benefit to individuals with irreparably impaired sight. Similarly, the eugeroic might not help much for extremely stressed or depressed with a characteristically incurable propensity to easily forget things. 

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