The Cost of Modafinil

With the advent of Modafinil, the culture of biohacking has caught on really well. After all, Modafinil is one of the most effective and potent smart drugs available today. Even though, the question, “What is the cost of Modafinil?” is one most commonly inquired about by the users. This is an attempt to dispel all doubts related to the prices this drug, as well as educate the readers on various cost-effective options available.

The Two Forms of Modafinil

Patented Form

This is known to be the more expensive variant of Modafinil. If the user has medical insurance, then it may cost him anywhere between $575 – 600$ per month. Nevertheless, if consumed sans insurance, then the cost may go as high as 50$ (for Provigil). Also, bear in mind that you need a prescription to procure the patented form of Modafinil. Such prescriptions usually state the reasons for its usage.

Generic Form

It resembles the patented form in make, and effects, though is much cheaper. According to the recommendations made by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a generic has to constitute of 88-125% of active ingredients of the original. Hence, generic Modafinil is no less potent than the patented one.

Why are Generics Cheaper?

Well, there are many reasons to it. Firstly, it might have something to do with the country of production. Like in the case of Modalert, coming from India. The lower cost of Modafinil is due to the cheaper work and production conditions in the country.

Moreover, such generics are usually quite minimalistic in their packaging, unlike the patented forms that are more elegant. Such a splurge in packaging may also lead to an unwarranted rise in prices, and thus make the drug unstainable.

Also, the meteoric rise in prices when comparing patented to generic could also be credited to the makers brand value. More so based on their assumption that they were the progenitors of such a medicine, and deserve higher pricing for it.

Generic makers usually procure much cheaper quality material. Though, it is important to note that such a product is no less effective than its more expensive counterpart. This is done in an attempt to cut production costs, and ascertain that the drug reaches the market at a viable price point.

What Should A User Choose?

As you can gauge from this post, patented and generic are quite similar to each other, in make and efficacy. Also, buying a patented Modafinil from the store would require a prescription. While a generic one could easily be bought online. And, it is all important to note that biohackers may not find patented forms worth their time, based on their skyrocketing prices. Generic seems to be the right choice when buying Modafinil.

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