Can Modafinil Help You Combat Procrastination?

Nootropics have been put to diverse self-improvement ends by millions of consumers from across the globe. One of the most common use to which these smart substances are put is cognitive enhancement. This is precisely why Modafinil is now an internationally top-reviewed nootropical brand worldwide. Starting as an exclusive treatment for narcolepsy and a myriad [...]

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What’s the Impact of Modafinil on One’s Food Intake?

Nootropics are undeniably helpful biohacking products with tested and proven benefits that are well acknowledged by all cognitive-enhancing enthusiasts worldwide. However, like everything else under the sun, the smart drug has its fair share of shortcomings – occasional side effects witnessed among few consumers. For instance, Modafinil intake is sometimes associated with mild contraindications like [...]

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Can Sniffing Modafinil Offer Adequate Cognitive Enhancement

Nootropics offer a diversity of pretty unquestionable health benefits. And Modafinil – being an indeed leading nootropical product widely known for its unparalleled potency – confers numerous cognitive-enhancing advantages. This easily explains why mind-strengthening remains a global hotcake among both time-challenged college finalists and top professional mavericks.     The smart substance is usually had orally…thus getting [...]

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Is Modafinil Safe for People Undergoing Treatments for Mental Problems?

Modafinil is a top-rated nootropic that now far outsells almost every other smart drug in the modern pharmaceutical market. While the cognitive enhancer indeed outranks nearly all other well-known bio-hacking substances, it may not be good for people taking any other types of medications that may react negatively to it. For instance, the pill [...]

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Top 5 Similarities Between Modafinil & the Fictitious NZT-48

According to "Limitless" - a chart-topping film steered by Bradley Cooper, there's a limitlessly brain-empowering pill dubbed "NZT-48".  While the 100% sober writer of this brief writeup isn't really high on this purely imaginary smart drug, they at least do believe that there's a true pharmaceutical that works in a manner remotely similar to [...]

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Side Effects of Modafinil

The possibility to kick up one’s cognition abilities is exciting to us all. For this reason, it is no surprise that use of smart drugs is steadily gaining popularity. However, not all smart drugs are appealing to users because of the associated side effects. People want to experience the full potential of their brains [...]

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The Effects of Combining Modafinil and Marijuana

Both Modafinil and marijuana are globally popular stimulants with an increasing user base. While the former is a relatively newer nootropic that hasn't gained renown in remote third-world villages, the latter is an old drug that is known by nearly everyone out there. Modafinil gets your mind magically refreshed in a way that overcomes [...]

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