Can Long-Term Modafinil Use Alter the Effectiveness of Contraceptives?

Nootropics are generally greatly advantageous in the main. This broad fact does not however expressly exonerate these wonderful pharmaceuticals from the considerable probability that they could have their downsides, too. In particular, Modafinil – perhaps the most effective of these novel bio-hacking formulas – is thought to have a few demerits to certain categories [...]

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How Does Modafinil Affect Meditation and Yoga Sessions?

Smart drugs have become one of the most swiftly spreading lifestyle trends in the 21st-century world. Of all these increasingly relished nootropic brands, Modafinil easily tops the whole long list as an exceedingly advantageous cognitive-firming pill like no other. Apart from its basic use for generally reinforced brain capabilities, the excellent eugeroic dosage offers [...]

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Is Modafinil Safe for People above 65 Years

Being a now fully endorsed smart drug with an ever-soaring fandom across the globe, Modafinil remains the smart drug of choice among millions of worldwide nootropic lovers. Nevertheless, tolerably curious concerns about the pill’s overall safety and efficacy continue to emerge day after day. A classic example of these slight controversies is the frequent [...]

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Effects of Modafinil on Long-term Memory

Modafinil is one of the most highly rated nootropics for individuals seeking instant cognitive boosts. This is chiefly because it helps them enjoy peak mental enhancement astonishingly faster than most other popular mind strengtheners in the modern market. Therefore, the impregnable fact that the smart pill is a particularly excellent way to improve short-term [...]

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Top 3 Tips for Lowering One’s Modafinil Dosage

Modafinil overuse is likely to occasion a couple of health upsets. Depending on an individual’s unique physiological distinctions, the actual outcomes may range from generally mild to specifically severe contraindications. Subsequently, takers of reasonably huge dosages are strictly advised to promptly adjust to relatively smaller amounts. Nevertheless, it’s not always that easy to effectively [...]

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Top 5 Solid Advantages of Modafinil Microdoses

Modafinil microdosing entails taking the least effective quantities that give just the ‘barest-minimum’ cognitive enhancement effects. It’s an ingenious trick for smart fans who want to get the most out of popular nootropic while steering clear of deliberate overindulgence and its attendant downsides. Nevertheless, the actually great practice has its fair share of critics [...]

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Can the Standard Modafinil Dose Trigger Dizziness?

Modafinil is an incredibly powerful dose that’s normally taken for cognitive-improving purposes. Although the pill isn’t known to cause a lot of side effects, some users have report a number of contraindicative signs. Giddiness or lightheadedness is one of these commonly experienced contraindications. Given the trend that not all consumers suffer dizziness after taking [...]

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Top 5 Tips for Improving Modafinil’s Reaction Time

For a contextually fitting definition, reaction time specifically refers to the time length taken for an ingester’s system to respond to Modafinil’s cognitive-improving effects. It’s additionally crucial to bear in mind that this nootropic’s excretion half-life after multiple intakes is about 15 hours. Note also the fact that there are actually slight inconsistencies that [...]

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Any Serious Risks Associated with Taking Slightly Expired Modafinil Pills?

All human drugs ought to be kept safely and dumped as soon as they surpass their sell-by dates. However, there are some misinformed folks who think that this standard rule doesn’t apply to nootropics like Modafinil. Their reasoning is chiefly reinforced by the fact that the smart pill can’t cause serious problems as it’s [...]

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How To Check If My Supplier Sold Me Authentic Modafinil?

As all accurate consumer-based surveys readily confirm, Modafinil is no doubt the ultimate real deal for nearly all longstanding nootropics fans around the globe. Nevertheless, there are still a few fraudulent online drugs vendors whose thievish behaviors have considerably soiled this magical pill's snow-white reputation. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying [...]

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