Should You Buy Modafinil with Bitcoins?

Modafinil has emerged as one of most effective nootropics in the current world. The smart drug’s outstanding mind-enhancing properties have continued to wow its regular fan drawn from various localities from across the map. However, not many daily users of the internationally top-rated pill know that it can bought using Bitcoins.

The foregoing point explains why everyone is buying the nootropics using more conventional methods like PayPal and Credit Card. What they’ve obviously never known is that purchasing their doses through peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) entitles one to a couple of solid benefits that alternative transaction means don’t offer. For clueless dosers who have never tried this remarkably advantageous option, highlighted below are some of the top 4 reasons why you should use Bitcoins to buy Modafinil online.

  1. Comparatively Safer

Again, paying via peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency is comparatively safer since the obvious risks associated with money-related online deals are wholly excluded throughout the purchasing process. In fact, the overall transfer processes are not only unbelievably more secure than nearly all other mainstream payment methods but also include virtually no extra transaction fees. For buyers who are wary of falling victim to online identity theft and other common cybercrimes Bitcoins emerge as the safest option out there.

  1. Greater Confidentiality

Furthermore, Bitcoins offer buyers greater confidentiality because there are no third parties involved. The key reason why this awesome payment option guarantees purchasers increased privacy is simply because it doesn’t rope third parties. Subsequently, chances of other individuals knowing what you’re paying for are almost zero. Increased privacy is a wonderful plus to millions of dosers who don’t want other people to know that there are into nootropics. The only person who understands what you’re up to is the Modafinil vendor from whom you acquire your regular doses.

  1. Awesome Discounts

According to a big number of online merchants who accept Bitcoins Modafinil payments, this payment method attracts impressive price discounts of up to 33%. As such, people who routinely use the smart drug can take advantage of these price discounts and thus end up saving a great deal of cash in the long term. However, it’s advisable that you to do some thorough research so as to compare the price reduction percentages offered by various web-based stores before choosing the most favorable deals. It’s so prudent go through several consumer reviews in order to avoid being conned by little-known websites that aren’t legit.

  1. Greater Convenience

Lastly, this peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency payment means is more convenient than other more conventional ways like PayPal and plastic money given that one doesn’t necessarily have a bank account to carry out the purchase. For example, a buyer who uses PayPal or Credit Cards is required to load money from their bank accounts for them to transfer the relevant amounts to the seller’s cards/PayPal account. To use Bitcoins as the preferred payment option, the buyer only needs to have enough cash equivalent(s) in their online Cryptocurrency wallets. Alternatively, they may visit a local bank and deposit a pre-calculated amount of money that is equal to the Bitcoins value needed to buy the dose they want.

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